About Us

With a yoga lifestyle at the heart of our designs, our self-myofascial release tools are great for yoga practitioners, athletes, and anyone who wants to work on their aches and pains.

Namastick is passionate about healthy, active and sustainable lifestyles. Our products are handmade in our Birmingham, Michigan headquarters and shipped in 100% post-consumer waste recycled packaging.

Meet the Founder

As a certified structural integration practitioner, Tom Raupp has been helping his clients achieve balance and structural relief for over 20 years. For years, clients would ask for tips for working on their aches and pains at home, between bodywork sessions. Depending on the area of complaint, Tom recommended a variety of tools, from foam rollers, to lacrosse balls and exercise bands. But he was never completely satisfied with the myriad of tools needed to treat different issues. Instead, Tom wanted a single tool that was adaptable enough to treat a variety of muscle groups. Unable to find a product able to do everything he was looking for, Tom invented the namastick. The rest is history.

Tom Raupp is a business owner, structural integrationist, lecturer, licensed massage therapist, yoga disciple and advocate, member of AMBP, AMTA, and IASI, and leading authority on structural integration and myofascial release techniques. He is the owner of Studio 4 Bodywork in Birmingham, Michigan.

Yoga By Design Foundation

A portion of all Namastick purchases benefit the Yoga By Design Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that offers yoga programs at no cost to under-served populations.