Namastick Benefits

Better than all the rest – the namastick incorporates trigger point therapy, functional release, and frictional force in a single tool.

Naturally Green and Handmade in the USA.

We take pride in handcrafting all our products to artisan quality, and delivering them in recycled packaging.

Durable Hardwood – Designed to last.

All of our premium-quality polished hardwood products are built tough.

Simple – Elegant – Effective.

The namastick’s unique, intuitive design allows you to easily adjust angles and pressure as needed to gain relief from tight muscle groups.

Lightweight – Compact – Travel-Friendly.

Designed to take anywhere. At just 16 inches long and less than ½ a pound, perfect for fitness on-the-go.

Better than a Foam Roller.

All of the benefits of a muscle roller, without the challenge of balancing and supporting your weight over a roller tool.